A family of 800+ working for greater good


We are known for high-end real estate as much as we are known for generating self-employment for local youth. We are, with our 4 distinct business interests, a conglomerate that focuses on generating value for the people with us, and the community at large. We are Suvarna Durga Group, a leading group, which for over 4 decades now has been working to improve the quality of life and delivering tangible value. We have an uncanny ability to see opportunity where most others can’t, and we turn things around for good, with our diligence and mastery.  We have generated profits from recycling waste on one hand, and on the other, have also made grass-level connections with farmers for quality produce. Today we are raising one of the tallest buildings in Hyderabad – at the Financial District & Golden Mile, promising a futuristic lifestyle, and before, we had built the VSD Tech Park. We grow at a spectacular rate, with our business interests, all of them,  posting consistently increasing CAGs.

bottle recycled every month
tones of paper per annum
Square feet under development
distinct business interests

Starting from 1978, when the very seeds were sown by Shri Jakkireddy Subbareddy, we have gone from strength to strength, from incubation to growth, to stand where we are now. As a leader in all that we do, and as a brand whose promise is as good as gold.


Suvarna Durga Bottles Pvt. Ltd

Suvarna Durga Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd.

Suvarna Durga Constructions

Suvarna Durga Agri Products Pvt. Ltd.

The essance of all that we do stems from our founding philosophy. To walk sready on the path laid out by our visionary founding father, we commit ourselves to

Bottle Recycling
Paper manufacturing
Construction and Reality
AGRO products

For over 25 years, we’ve been serving the needs of our B2B buyers, and they see us as preferred business partners. They see us as partners in success, whom they can trust to deliver as promised. We commit to the highest quality standards, absolute transparency and ensure everything we do is ethical.

We started with trading in waste paper, and then recycled bottles. Learning from trading waste paper, we then set up a manufacturing unit. And that is how we move from strength to strength, never ceasing. Our efforts are constant, as we strive on the path to excellence, looking for better opportunities.