Suvarna Durga Constructions

  • Multiple high-end commercial and residential projects in prime locales of Hyderabad.
  • 4 current projects and 6 million Square Feet under construction.
  • Over a decade of experience in innovative and futuristic residential and commercial spaces.

Suvarna Durga

  • Team Strength of 200 Professionals
  • One of the Largest Producers of Kraft Paper in South India
  • Having 2 Paper Machines of Distinctive Advantage

Suvarna Durga

  • Strength 100 full time; 250 self-employed youth
  • 12 Warehouses in Telangana and AP
  • Over 3 Crore bottles a month

Suvarna Durga
Agro Products

Sustainable and Synergistic Business with Procurement Network extending to Grassroots level.